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Qycx Video Conferencing provides the best conference quality at the lowest price.

Edition Price
Basic Edition( qm-b-sd) 20,000 + number of client-sides * 880 (RMB)
Standard Edition( qm-s-720p) 30,000 + number of client-sides * 1,680 (RMB)
Advanced Edition( qm-a-1080p) 50,000 + number of client-sides * 5,000 (RMB)


Basic Edition( qm-b-sd)

Standard Edition( qm-s-720p)


Advanced Edition( qm-a-1080p)

About price:

1. One conference venue is a client-side which can be in a conference room connected to luxuriously designed cameras and stereo equipment, or on normal PCs connected to PC cameras worth less than RMB 100. Therefore, clients are allowed to expand the application of videoconferences at a very low cost.

2. The videoconferencing software’s effects are closely linked to network environment (bandwidth), hardware conditions (computer and server configurations) and video/audio peripheral equipment, and to clients’ experience in videoconferencing. Trial use is highly recommended for clients to get familiar with the features. Clients can also watch the video samples of Qingyang Videoconferencing effects made by the Company.

3. The above-mentioned prices are only valid for buyers in Chinese mainland. Beijing Qycx Co., Ltd. reserves all the rights for the final interpretation of price.

4. Any questions about software licenses, please contact QYCX. tel: 86 10-6297 8471, fax: 86 10 6297 5507, email: qycx@qycx.com